Eating in Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! This crazy party city had been on my bucket list for a very long time and finally I was got the opportunity to go to Vegas in 2017, for a bachelorette!! Woop Woop! I had an amazing time and partied like it was 1999! While I can’t divulge all the details of the holiday, I can share some of the amazing food we had because a) if you didn’t know already – I am a foodie and b) if you are going to visit the land of Hangover you are going to need to eat! Vegas is a place you can visit anytime, so I also included a few other travel tips too!


This was a restaurant within our hotel (Encore Suites) and was excellent. It offered panoramic views of the pool and a variety of food that was always of a great quality. We never got bored of eating here. We had breakfast, brunch and snack meals here which included pizza, avocado on toast, omelette and delicious chocolate pot dessert (yes believe or not the flower pot below is all edible).







We also fine dined at Andrea’s, also located within our hotel. This was a great restaurant with amazing options for vegetarians. We shared a lot of the plates between us but have to say the vegetarian sliders with mock meat were my favorite!! Delicious!  This is an upscale restaurant so definitely be prepared to pay, but it is so worth it.





Holly cow! A beef burger joint which had the best vegetarian burger ever!!! So yum! We ate here on our last day. This restaurant is located in the Cosmopolitan hotel. We wanted to have brunch at the Wiked Spoon but the wait time for this was 1.5+ hours so we decided to cut our losses and eat somewhere else. I was really impressed with Holesteins. The onion rings were also a great hit! P.S. As the burger was so big, I took off the buns! The decor included pictures of funky cows 🐮. Was kinda cool!




This restaurant is located within the Wyn hotel. We grabbed late night drunken food here after a night out at XS. Good spot to either carry on drinking or soak up the alcohol with some fries!

Other places to try:

  • Wiked Spoon
  • VegeNation
  • Weera Thai Restaurant
  • Carson Kitchen
  • Hakkasan Restaurant
  • Pizza Rock Las Vegas



We went to the Encore Beach Club Night time pool party. We were lucky enough to see DJ Diplo! Be warned everyone is dressed in swim wear or less formal attire. Lots of people were hanging in the pool drinking while others just danced around. Be warned it gets very packed and sweaty but still lots of fun! I would advise to always nap as soon as you get to Vegas if arriving early as you are going to need all the energy to party all night long!


Encore suites Day time Pool Party. This was so much fun however we had to buy a Beach sofa with shade because it was 110c (45c) and was way to hot to hang out without shade. Music was amazing (DJ Alesso performed near the end of the day). We ordered food to our area as well which was pretty decent. Partying in the day in your swim suit with good music and fries…. yiha!! Pool party starts at 11 so if you are not going to get table or cabana I would recommend getting their early as the lines were massive!!


XS club at Encore Hotel. Great night out here. Good music, outdoor pool, inside club as well with huge chandeliers. Gets extremely packed so again I would recommend going early.



Hakkasan nightclub. We were lucky enough to get in and see Calvin Harris. Lines were were very long so again suggest getting their super early to avoid waiting and/or not getting in (unless you are getting bottle service).



We stayed at Encore Suites – sister hotel of WYN. We loved it. Beautiful modern hotel located near the end of the strip. Yes you have to get a taxi to go anywhere but no problem. The hotel is equipped with pools, casino, restaurants, clubs, pool party clubs and a spa. So basically no reason to leave – ever!

We mostly played games at our local Casino located within our hotel. When we ventured out we played at the Cosmopolitan hotel casino as well. Roulette and War were my winning favorites!! Cha- ching $$$$



We visited Vegas in June and it was disgustingly hot. 105-110f (43-45c). We stayed in the hotel most of the time as the clubs, restaurants, and casino were all located on site so the heat wasn’t too much of a problem. However in the pool party and any time we decided to venture out, it was extremely hot. My shoes and handbag began to burn in the heat. So please be prepared with hats and sun tan lotion and lots of hydration (water & electrolytes) . It is a blazing dry heat!!


I booked my ticket from NY to Vegas via United Airlines. Flight time is around 5.5 hours.

Whilst in Vegas, we used an Uber or taxi to travel from hotel to the main strip and airport. This was the easiest and safest options. Important to note, in Vegas you cannot hail down taxis. You have to go to special taxi stands to be able to get a ride. And thats about it! Happy Vegas planning.

Over & Out form the boiling pot of entertainment – Vegas!





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