A weekend away in Catskills

Spending a weekend in Catskills, NY meant we spent time hiking and making s’mores (yes how very American of me) however, we also got to try some of the coolest places for lunch and breakfast! Check out my recommendations below.

The Catskill Mountains, are located in southeastern New York (around a 3 hour drive).  It’s a great little place for a weekend getaway.  We went in a large group and rented a huge cabin during the month of September.







Mama’s Boy Burgers 

6067 Main St
Tannersville, NY 12485

We wanted to grab lunch before we started our hike up Kaaterskill Falls. With outdoor bench tables (which had a variety of sauces, napkins and cutlery) and cool outdoor signs our group decided to eat here. The restaurant is right at a busy corner and is painted in cheery pastel hues. We ordered inside and then grabbed a picnic table at the dog-friendly outside. The table markers have different TV mamas on them, so Mrs. Jefferson kept an eye out for our food.


We ordered the following:

  • TRIPLE GRILLED CHEESE – American, Jack, Swiss, tomato, fresh basil, potato roll which cost $5.95. This was just too delicious!! If it wasn’t a 1000 calories and I lived close by, I would like to eat one of these everyday.
  • FALAFEL BURGER – Falafel, spiced gouda, tomato, cucumber, harissa yogurt sauce $10.95. Another yummy option
  • French fries $2.50/$4.95



In addition to regular ice cream, you can savor frozen yogurts, sorbets, and frozen custards. One scoop of Jane’s is $3.50, two $4.50. We finished our lunch with a cone of frozen custard and boy it was good. Yummy tasting vanilla flavored hearty frozen custard. I couldn’t even finish my cone as it was so filling! Don’t miss this place if you are in the area!! Really yummy burgers!



Twin Peaks Coffee & Donuts

5950 Main St
Tannersville, NY 12485



We were heading home after our weekend in the Catskills and decided to stop here for breakfast. This is a quirky and authentic little cafe on the corner with an antique shop right next to it. Donuts are made fresh on site, prices are cheap, service was friendly and the coffee was amazing as well (this is a busy place so you may have to wait a little to get your order in). The interior was pretty country rustic: lots of bear ornaments and mismatched furniture with wood paneled walls, which was kind of cool.


Each table has a napkin rack with the Twin Peaks logo and a ketchup and hot sauce bottle. What is most impressive is, Twin Peaks  has its own donut making machine. How cool is that! We ordered the following:

    • A cappuccino & regular black coffee (they have pasta sticks as stirrers instead of plastic or wood – very environmentally friendly)
    • Egg and cheese bagel and egg and cheese in a roll.
    • Cinnamon sugar doughnut (the owner’s and my favourite)
    • Glaze doughnut

Doughnuts are freshly made and  they are just to die for! YES! Warning  they are extremely delicious!! Warm-melt-in-your-mouth tasty donuts! I have to say all the food was very  fresh and very yummy tasting. You can even customize your own donut if you wish by adding different toppings.

Twin Peaks sells also their own custom mugs, sweatshirts and coffee if you are interested. As the donuts were so good, we had to order a few for our journey home. If you are visiting Catskills, make sure to stop by here and grab a doughnut or two!




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