Hi there! Welcome to my page. 

My name is Deepa Makwana and I love cooking and creating yummy vegetarian food, planning fun and adventurous travel and sharing all things useful, inspiring and up-lifting.  

IMG_1309moved from London to New York a couple of years ago (it was a smooth transition), and as the years went by, I felt inspired to write however I was always a little afraid to to take the first step. However, my Ma always said, ‘if you don’t try, you will never know’.

So here I am. I finally created my own little outlet on anything and everything involving my home recipes, travel ideas, my fav home products or even just the best shows I am watching. If I can help in any way – I have achieved my goal!

With that said, I invite you to explore my page and pick up a recipe or two and if you haven’t got a Cuppa tea already, go get one!

I hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

Deepa x



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